February 22, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 90

I just love the weekend but who doesn't? Guys, I hope your weekend is just right. Perfectly imperfect. I hope you get a few extra moments in bed, a second cup of coffee and warm weather. I know a lot of friends have snow and ice so if nothing else think about summer this weekend. It will be here before we know it!

///LBP Week Recap\\\
Monday: Sunshine Filled Hawaiian Engagement Session / Pep It Up Monday: No Silly Dreams Here
Tuesday: Rustic Navy and Yellow Mountaintop Colorado Wedding / Sponsor Love: Crafted Locally
Wednesday: Hickory Street Downtown Dallas Engagement Session
Thursday: Q & A: 1 Debt + 0 Debt = Y'alls Debt

///Link Love\\\
A printable and stylish Oscar ballot via DIY Studio
Ribbon and Lace Backdrop DIY on Oh Lovely Day
Longing for summer? This inspiration board from Burnett's Boards will help.
A gorgeous, gorgeous black gingham with green detail wedding on Snippet and Ink 

Today's song is such a treat. I heard it and immediately thought it was a perfect first dance song or the song playing in the background while your love proposes to you. It is one of those songs that should be added to your life's soundtrack. I am thrilled to send you into your weekend with Safetysuit's Never Stop. I love introducing you to new songs!

Image via Green Wedding Shoes by Sean Flanigan


  1. Love this song! What a great choice!

  2. I cried while listening to this song. But that shouldn't suprise you. ;)


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