February 1, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 87

Happy Friday! This week was hard. Really hard. And that is okay because not everything can be roses. I decided that today I have a lot of work to do but I am also going to treat myself. This morning consisted of two cappuccinos, windows open, a small office dance party, painting my nails & a long hot bath. See, I already feel better. What are your vices for unwinding after a hard day or week?

{This week pretties}
Monday: Cozy & Rustic Minnesota Engagement Session
Monday x 2: Pep It Up Monday: Because We All Need A Pep Talk
Tuesday: Vintage & DIY Fall Tennessee Wedding
Wednesday: Sweet & Charming Maryland Engagement Session
Thursday: Q & A: Oh, Those RSVP Cards

Since I need a little pep in my step Elle Goulding's Anything Can Happen is perfect. And I mean perfect. This song puts me in the best mood. It may be better than dark chocolate and if you knew how much of that I ate in a day you would get it. Sing it loud y'all. Happy Friday loves!

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