January 31, 2013

Oh, Those RSVP cards

Happy Thursday! Strike up the chorus because today we are relishing in Q & A Thursday. Can I just say that I am thankful for reader interaction? It keeps this bloggity blog going. Today we are talking RSVP cards. Who is with me?

Q. Are RSVP cards necessary? I have heard stories of brides who never receive them back which seems like a waste of wedding funds. Do I need them? I need your help!

A. I may not be the best with this one but I sure will try. To be honest, RSVP cards leave a sour taste in my mouth because I am one of those brides who sent them out and maybe half that were sent did not get returned. Some of our dearest friends didn't even send them back. The number of RSVP cards returned to the number of guests in attendance was not even close.

With this being said, RSVP cards are a wonderful thing if put to use. They help you get an accurate head count which helps with cake size, food arrangements and pretty seating charts. But what can you do to get them back?

{Tips for being a sure fire success with RSVP cards}

1. Send it out in plenty of time. This may seem obvious but people need time to send their RSVP back. Your wedding invitations should be sent out two+ months from your wedding date. I have received RSVP cards that need a response in one week. Give your guests time. Most guests have to check their schedule, arrange a babysitter and make travel arrangements. Allow a reasonable time frame on guest's responses.

2. Put a stamp on it. Nothing drives me up the wall more than a wedding RSVP with no stamp. If you want something back, make it as easy as possible. Yes, postage costs money but put that in your budget when setting aside paper good funds. I can guarantee that a majority of your guests will not take the time to stamp the RSVP. Make it easy peasy!

3. Make the card clear. State your intentions clearly. Make sure you provide a response date and if need be, a spot for the guests who will be in attendance {i.e. place cards or seating charts}. Make sure the yes and no option are prominent and easy to understand.

4. Have you considered other options? If you are wary of RSVP cards, try a different route. You can always forgo them all together. If you do, make sure you provide enough wedding seating and food for your guest list. A lot of brides are turning to wedding websites with an RSVP option. It allows guests to do everything online while browsing your site plus saves you postage. Get creative! The great thing about RSVP cards is no one says you have to send them out but in most cases it helps make things a little smoother. Make your own rules!

5. Ask for participation. We attended a wedding this past December where the RSVP card asked for your favorite song request. I thought this was brilliant! It allowed guests to get excited by playing an active role in planning the wedding playlist. It was beyond fun to dance to my song request at the reception. By getting guests active, they are more eager to send back their RSVP. Try an RSVP card with a mad lib or a spot for guests to write their advice for a successful marriage. Guests already feel a part of your special day before it even happens.

6. Make it different. I got a wedding invitation a few years back that was a long (almost 2 feet) with a bunch of fabulous graphics and fonts describing how the couple met. It was so neat! I actually still have it because I was so impressed. Their RSVP card was just as unique and playful. It gave you the option of yes you will be attending with your dancing shoes or no you will not attending the party of the year. The card made me laugh and who would miss the party of the year? Exactly. Make your RSVP unique. Try something that most brides haven't and do not be afraid to mix it up. It can help in getting guests to send them back.

Regardless of what you decide with RSVP cards, remember to not let this little detail frustrate you. Any other bride's to be or married ladies have more advice? Shout it out or comment below. Either one works. Ha! Happy Q & A Thursday!

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  1. Great advice, katie.

    I opted for pretty email invitations from Paperless Post where guests could easily RSVP online. My husband and I are quite geeky so it suited us perfectly, and took the hassle out of chasing up paper RSVPs.

    (Though, of course there were a few who took their sweet time ticking the appropriate box!) ;)

    Love the tip about making RSVP cards interactive - so much more fun!

  2. Love the idea of asking for participation to encourage return!


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