January 28, 2013

Pep It Up Monday: Because We All Need a Peptalk

I have been thinking about Monday's. You know I once read that Monday's set the tone of the week. You should always workout on Monday's. You should prep everything for Monday on Sunday night. Regardless, it feels like Monday's always sneak up on me. I feel a little drowsy getting out of bed. I feel a little behind. It feels like Monday.

So who says we cannot turn this day around...for good. Inspiration hit me last night when prepping for this week. I thought it would be a novel idea to post a little afternoon pep on Monday's. It may be a quote, a video or a thought but it is meant to lift your spirits and bust the Monday myths. Who is with me? Good! (I hope you shouted me!)

I stumbled across this video last week and thought it was such an inspiration that I could not share with you all. You have probably seen it floating around Facebook but it will help set your Monday off to the right start! Kick Monday in the behind and make Monday's the best day ever!

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