January 25, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 86

It is Friday and I love this picture. I also love Friday's so I have a lot of things working in my favor today. This weather is unreal. Last night, Rusty and I went on a lovely little stroll to the tune of 75 degree weather. I even spruced up my pedicure last night in hopes that I can wear my chacos this weekend. I have to be honest in that I never know how to dress this time of the year when it is warm but still winter. I say that whole last sentence in question because I really don't. Any pointers?

{This Week}
Monday: DIY Winter Wedding in Colorado
Tuesday: Classic Car Engagement Session
Wednesday: Autumn Sunshine Engagement Session
Thursday: Randy and Lace's Wedding Highlight

When I heard Erick Baker's Unbroken Promise I thought holy Love Song Friday. This song is sensual and will melt the toughest of hearts. My favorite lyric:
Take off your coat
And I’ll turn up the lights
Cause baby I’ve made plans
To stay the rest of my life 
There is nothing quite like love and a man who wants to stay with you the rest of his life and you with him. This song has a bit of everything to make this Friday perfectly imperfect. Happy almost weekend!


  1. Great photo. Love the expressions that the photographer captured!


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