January 7, 2013

Classic White and Brown New Jersey Wedding

When Hurricane Sandy devastated so many in the United States I can remember watching the news and just being amazed. I was amazed at mother nature but also amazed at how so many people banded together to help those in need. One thing that never crossed my mind were brides and grooms in the area who had spent months planning their wedding only to have their plans change in a blink of an eye. Meet Brooke and Chris. These two quickly rearranged their entire wedding but even with the quick changes and rush, their wedding is so gorgeous. The couple is fun and the whole day is just stunning. A huge thank you to Kira Cronin Photography for this perfect submission! It makes Monday sweeter!

{From the photographer} 
Brooke & Chris are the friendliest, down to earth, most fun loving couple. When talking to Chris for the first time, he instantly makes you feel as if you are his best friend. A perfect match for Brooke who is warm, kind, and loving. This couple had plans for their reception to be at the Salt Creek Grille in Rumson, NJ but Hurricane Sandy changed those plans, damaging the venue. A stressful week beforehand, they quickly pulled through and rescheduled for Raven And The Peach also in Rumson, NJ, which carried a beautiful ambiance of soft lighting, fine woods, and tasteful fabrics. Brooke's brother wrote & sang a beautiful "wedding day" song to the happy couple at the reception, along with her grandfather giving an amazing speech with his advice for a forever lasting happy marriage filled with fun jokes & laughs. This couple pulled through to have the best day of their lives!

{Vendors} Photographer: Kira Cronin Photography / DJ: Elite Entertainment / Transportation: Long Branch Trolley / Event Venue: Raven And The Peach / Submission: Two Bright Lights

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  1. What a beautiful wedding - I adore the subtle elegance of her gown!


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