December 21, 2012

Love Song Friday, Volume 82

Warning: Do not be alarmed if music starts playing. We "elfed" ourselves again this year and I really do not think that it will get old. Scroll down for the video in all its glory with Jane dog included.

Is it Friday? For real? I did not think that the weekend would get here. I did it again this year. I wore myself too thin with Christmas errands, editing, blogging and completely have missed down time. Luckily, I get a few days with my husbands family before we get to spend a few days with  mine. I am making a sworn promise right now. Next Christmas I will purchase one gift for everyone on my list and spend the rest on quality time with friends and family plus helping others. Promise that you will remind me next year? Thanks friends! What are you most looking forward to with Christmas?

See? I knew it would entertain you. Isn't Jane the cutest with her sunglasses? A stylish pup is a must.

{Weekly Recap}
Monday: Orange and Navy Elegant Wedding
Tuesday: South Carolina Beach Engagement Session
Wednesday: Organic and Earthy Vermont Wedding
Thursday: Q & A: Jane Dog

And for the grand finale: Dancing Shoes by Green River Ordinance. Oh how soothing and sweet is this song? Add this song to your potential first dance list. Guys, Christmas is so close. I wish you all good tidings, happy memories, lots of good eats, down time, peace and an overflowing New Year!


  1. The Elf-Video literally made me laugh! Hugs!

    1. Thanks Natalie! Hugs to you and your family this holiday season :)

  2. LOL! You're certainly bringing the Christmas cheer! Happy Holidays!


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