November 28, 2012

NYC Trip Recap + Picture Hour

Happy Wednesday friends! I am so glad that you stopped by. It is no secret how much I love New York City. Anyone who has read this blog knows it holds a special place in my heart. That city is pure magic y’all! Warning: This post is a very long one.

This vacation was very exciting to me because I was finally getting a chance to show my husband around NYC. A few years back, I had the privilege of going to New York with my college choir. Yes, I was a college music nerd. It paid for school and offered a ton of wonderful opportunities. I am a big supporter of the arts in schools of all ages. That is a totally different post. When I went in college, I was given the honor of performing on stage in Carnegie Hall. I can remember singing the last stanzas of our selected piece and crying on stage. It was a wonderful, wonderful feeling. Ever since I visited I knew I needed to go back. Everything about this place makes me feel happy and alive. I even contemplated if I would move there when I graduated college. Things change and by things, I met the love of my life.

This trip recap just goes along with the fact that this blog is a little journal of life and love. I wanted to document the good and the bad of the trip. When I traveled to NYC before someone planned the trip for me even down to a little money pouch for food. I took along the same idea. Rusty and I booked the trip right after my 25th birthday and started saving a few dollars here and there. When making arrangements for the trip, I found a little (very little) apartment located on the Upper East Side. I knew how safe the neighborhood was so I booked it. The pictures looked fabulous and I was over the moon.

We flew out on Monday morning from Arkansas. We had my parents watch Jane dog so flying in and out of Arkansas made for an easier retrieval of Jane plus we got to see friends and family when we got back on Friday evening. Flying into New York at nightfall was one of the highlights of my trip. I got to fly over the city and see all the twinkling lights. Rusty was just as amazed. I wish I would have snapped a picture but I was awestruck. We landed and hailed a cab to our little apartment. The cab driver dropped us off and we thought this couldn't be it. Guys, we were in Harlem. Now, there is nothing wrong with Harlem and technically we were on the very outskirts but it was Harlem. I knew that if we kept to ourselves no one would bother us but imagine my husband’s shock. It was dark. There were trash bags on the road (which is normal but not to Rusty). It smelled. Now I know that New York can be a rough area but I also believe in the good of people. Everyone around our apartment really was so nice. We didn't have anything to worry about.

Our apartment was a little tiny shoe box but I was so excited. It even had a garden view and a fire escape that I wanted to climb out on. Of course, I resisted. I was in heaven but poor Rusty wasn't as happy. We decided to not venture out and hit the hay early. We had a busy Tuesday morning.

Tuesday we hailed a cab. Correction: I hailed the cab and did it like I belonged in the city. It was also another highlight. We grabbed a little Starbucks and stood in line for Live! With Kelly and Michael! Guys, this has been a HUGE dream of mine. One day I hope to be Kelly. I watch the show religiously and wrote in for tickets as soon as we booked our trip. After Rusty’s dad passed, I came home to find the tickets in the mail. I couldn't believe it! The whole experience was amazing. (P.s. The weather was amazing the whole trip. It was never too cold. I even went without a coat one day.) We were seated on the set and it was HUGE. There was a balcony full of guests above us and right before the show began, the producer Gelman got on the mic and explained a few things with us. Just like that, the show started. I went nuts and almost cried. I told you, it was a big deal. Rusty was even impressed. Kelly is just as tiny as you think and Michael is just as handsome as you think. Ha! They did such a good job interacting with the audience on breaks. I also got to eat a piece of Michael's birthday cake. Since it was a holiday week, some of the shows and interviews were prerecorded. We made the cut on the show on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Did I mention we saw Nicki Minaj? It was fabulous, pink hair and all.

Oh and here I am on t.v. looking so happy...because I am friends. A big thank you to our friends Sarah and Andy for sending this picture to us. We love you guys!

After leaving the show, we ventured into Times Square. Rusty was amazed. I was amazed. I love Time Square. We did shopping, eating and waited around a little to see Times Square at night. Of course we ventured off to a Broadway show. Jersey Boys was so amazing! I still cannot get over the voices and cast.

My living room this Christmas. Totally kidding, it is West Elm.

Wednesday we walked to the Met. By walk, I mean over almost two miles. That is the thing that I loved most. The city is gorgeous and walking miles just seemed right. I loved the town homes and may have picked out some favorites. A town house with a flower box = bliss.

The Met was down right amazing. The picture below is from an artist that took Google street view images of each state in the U.S. Now it hangs in the Met. How neat is that?

Central Park strolls were large in number. Our little apartment was just two blocks away. Seeing the colorful trees were breathtaking.

The 9/11 Memorial was a must. I also cannot get over the harbor. I could have sat on that park bench all day. Also along the route was the New York Stock Exchange, Chinatown and Soho.

Thursday was the day that I have dreamed of since being a little girl, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to be there in person to watch the parade. Football and the parade were a must for every Thanksgiving and still are in my home. I still cannot believe how much fun the parade was. Not only were the balloons and floats amazing but the little kids that surrounded us (I acted just like them every time a balloon rolled by) were so much fun. Hearing there cheers and happiness squeals warms my heart. Here are a few favorites including a goofy one:

I tried explaining who the Pillsbury Dough Boy was to a English woman. She didn't understand why we celebrate a pretend dough man but when you have tasty homemade crescents at every corner in Europe, I don't blame her.

Growing up in a small town, when the holidays roll around stores close down. Rusty and I decided to just start walking and see what restaurant we ran in to first for Thanksgiving dinner. I did not know how many options we were going to have. This city truly never sleeps. Thanksgiving dinner included a hamburger for Rusty and cheese ravioli for me plus two chocolate milkshakes. It was different for sure.

Sorry for the quality of some of these pictures (iPhone of course). There are a few things that I didn't get to that were on my list like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Rockettes Christmas Show but that just means we have to go back again. New York City just makes this gal so happy. We did get to spend two days with family and friends back in Arkansas before returning to Texas. That included these fours sweet kids (my nieces and nephews). Hey, it was the best we could do.

What are your favorite things to do in New York? Any favorite stories to share? I promise if you comment I will read them all. Your stories mean so much!


  1. We stayed at the Hilton about two blocks up from Radio City Music Hall. Glad you caught a B'way show!

    1. Such a good area! Next time I am thinking a girl trip. You down? :)

  2. Loved this post, it makes me want to go back to NYC stat and I agree Jersey Boys is brilliant!

    1. I just unpacked but I can repack real quick. Let's go!

      Jersey Boys was perfect :)

  3. WOW! What a fun trip to NYC!!! You did so many cool things! Jealous

    1. We had a blast! It wore us out but so fun!!


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