November 16, 2012

Love Song Friday, Volume 78

It is Friday and I am so close to my vacation that I can smell it and feel it. And by feel it I mean that my to-do list is never ending. I was chatting with a friend this past week asking her why it seems the list of duties gets longer right before you leave town. Regardless, it is the weekend and I am filming a wedding at a new venue. I love the couples I work with but one perk of still being somewhat new to Texas is the amazing venues. I am in the heart of the hill country folks. Two weeks ago I wrapped a wedding at a museum. It was hands down one of the neatest places ever. I cannot wait to show you that highlight.

Speaking of highlights, I get to share one with you on Monday. Yes, I am 100% giddy over it. It is a little different than ones before. I tried a few new things but mostly, it is of one of my best friends. I know every girl with a stitch of style reads Cupcakes and Cashmere but have you seen her wedding? It is insane.

{Lovebird Weekly Recap}
Monday: Cream Cheese Frosting How-To Video + Veteran's Day Styled Shoot
Tuesday: Cupcake Decorating How-To Video
Wednesday: Rustic Log Cabin Engagement Session
Thursday: Navy, Hot Pink and Gold Chic Wedding

Today I wanted to play a song that I am mildly obsessed with and play way too much. I typically am not a top 40's gal but this song is good y'all. Ne-Yo's Let Me Love You is a Friday must. After tomorrow's wedding I will be officially on vacation and will be heading to NYC with my love. He is letting me live out a few dreams of mine. Here we come Broadway and Magnolia Bakery and Soho and Little Italy and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and China Town and shopping and good food and the Met.....

Let Me Love You by Ne-Yo on Grooveshark


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