November 9, 2012

Love Song Friday, Volume 77

It is Friday and normally I am all about the weekend but today I am all about you. I seriously feel like we women (highly doubt many men read this) need a little encouraging.

Do you realize how awesome you are? You are a business woman. You are a mother, a wife, a best friend. You run errands. You keep everyone's schedules in line. You get kids where they need to go. You cook dinner and make lunches. You blog. You work 40+ hours a week. You send birthday cards on time to family and friends. You clean your home. You exercise. You plan weddings. You have girl's night. You are outstanding and special. Stop comparing yourself to other women. Be so overly thankful for your unique spirit. There is literally no one else like you. So that weird laugh you have or that funky pair of glasses you wear or the beauty mark on your cheek, celebrate that. It is yours and only yours.

Ladies, we are such an amazing group of gals. I cannot thank you enough for all the encouragement you bring me. I love reading other blogs, books, watching shows and seeing social media posts all about your success. Pour an extra glass of wine (after work of course). Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes. Soak in a nice bubble bath. You deserve a little bit of r & r and maybe a handful of confetti thrown in the air.

If life had a soundtrack this song would be on every morning. Alicia Keys is one of my favorite artists of all time. She really is an artist. Girl on Fire is such a fabulous, fabulous song. Seriously, I know I say this every Friday but turn it up friends. I hope your weekend is full of wonderful and warm moments. And just to send you away with a bit more hope and happiness, my favorite line from this song:
Oh, got our head in the clouds
And we're not coming down
Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys on Grooveshark

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