October 9, 2012

Two Years

Today Rusty and I celebrate two years of marriage. I thought another honest heart felt post was in order. I have come to learn this past year that being married to Rusty is not easy but I also know I am not easy to be married to. We have argued. We have had different ideas of where our lives should head. We have also met the death of someone special to us. But most importantly, we have loved each other completely.

This year has taught me a lot. The number one lesson I have learned is I am ridicuously blessed with the man that picked me. I can find myself getting laugh lines because of him. I wear my laugh lines proudly. I find myself being challenged. I find myself picturing what our one day babies will be like. I picture all the fun adventures waiting for us. I know that no matter what my life brings, I will forever be grateful for this man. He gave me hope for "the one" when I really didn't think it was possible. He lifts my spirits. He tells me I am pretty. I really did luck out with this one but if that is where all my luck went, I am okay with that.

To the man who loves me, thank you for that. To the man who asked me to be his bride, I am blessed. To the man who has taught me a lot about myself, my ambitions and my need/wants, I am forever thankful for you. Marriage is something I cannot explain but I know I want it. I want it every day with Rusty. He is my heart and I do not think I can tell him that enough. Rusty, you are hands down my great accomplishment in life. I am so proud to call you mine. Happy anniversary love!

P.s. We may have done a little photo session with my favorite Daniel Holman Photography but you have to wait and see the rest!


  1. Congrats on two years to one of my favorite couples.

    Now make me more pumpkin bread to celebrate....

    1. Thank you Cris! :)

      I need to buy more pumpkin first!

  2. I know I'm a little late...but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! And what a beautiful post.


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