October 11, 2012

New Vendor: Kimberly K./Cinéma Vérité

{Danielle Davis Photography}

Happy Thursday friends! Most you know that on occasion I like to partake in wedding videography. When I started my business I was in Arkansas but we quickly moved to Texas putting a wrench in my plans. I have loved growing and being a part of Texas weddings but I get quite a few email inquires asking about a vigeographer in Arkansas. Meet Kimberly Killingsworth of Kimberly K./Cinéma Vérité.

When Kim and I first started chatting business I didn't realize how much we have in common. We actually went to the same high school and you will see just how much she loves movies too. Kim is so nice y'all! I mean really nice. Even more so, she is talented. Her movies are crisp, beautiful, creative and evoke so much emotion. While watching her videos I cried even though I didn't know the couples in her film. (Crying is not a good look for me. Ha!) She is my recommendation to any brides in Arkansas (take note sorority sisters). I am sure she would love to travel too!

I am excited to show you her portfolio and let you get to know her a bit better. Lovely readers, she is going to do big things!

Carrie & Doug from Kimberly K/Cinéma Vérité on Vimeo.

1. Give us a little background about you and your family.

I am originally from El Dorado, AR. I now live with my two adorable children in Little Rock. We love to eat cupcakes, have living room dance parties, and make little movies together.

2. How did you get started with wedding videography?

I go to the movies once a week. Yes, it's true. It's such a beautiful way of story telling, and it's always been my dream to tell stories in that way too. A dear friend of mine is a wedding photographer. I loved the flexibility of her job, to still be able to spend time with her family, but she also has such a wonderful creative outlet and meets such wonderful people. I knew that modern film making had not really hit weddings as much as modern photography had, but I thought I would give it a try! I started with one of my oldest friends wedding, just for fun, and I haven't stopped since! I love it!

Melody & Elijah from Kimberly K/Cinéma Vérité on Vimeo.

3. What is your favorite part of your job?

This is a hard question! I love my job because it combines all of my favorite things in life. Meeting new people, making movies, finding new music, design, and eating cake!

4. What do you hope to offer brides and other clients?

Although each couple has their own unique story, each wedding consists of the same basic ingredients; getting ready, ceremony, cutting the cake, so my goal is to makes sure that all of the other ingredients of their day are more prevalent than anything else. Their love story and their relationships with all of their important guests. That's why I like to get to know my bride and groom before the big wedding day and make sure that I can make their film portray their personalities as well as I can. I also do an interview with each bride and groom, that is featured on their DVD.

5. Tell us a few things about yourself!

A few fun things about myself? Well, before I was a wedding videographer, I had quite a few other jobs. I worked at a bridal/tux shop, which has actually helped out a little bit! I worked at Victoria's Secret, which hasn't helped out much at all. I was also a radio DJ, a janitor, substitute teacher, party planner and I even had my own scrapbook business. I've finally found the perfect job, for me, and I am glad all of those days are behind me! Ha!
And now I get to show off her amazing work. She is so good y'all! Make sure that you stop by her Facebook page or drop her a little email. Brides, she is a must have vendor.

Jolene & Shaun Part 1 from Kimberly K/Cinéma Vérité on Vimeo.

Michelle & Justin from Kimberly K/Cinéma Vérité on Vimeo.

She also does fun family films which I think is brilliant. From bride to baby, she can be your videographer along the way.

Rupp Family Film from Kimberly K/Cinéma Vérité on Vimeo.

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