October 12, 2012

Love Song Friday, Volume 74

If that picture doesn't get you excited for Friday I do not know what will? It is almost the weekend y'all! Rusty and I are escaping away to a tiny little cottage to celebrate our anniversary in Fredericksburg. It is our first time to go and we are so excited. I may even get crazy enough to leave my laptop behind. This time next week I will be having a bridal brunch with my best friend to celebrate her big day. I am so happy to see and hug all of our friends and family. And just to top off this day, I may have slipped a couple of chocolate chips into my coffee cup this morning.

{Happy Week Recap}
Monday: Outdoor Farm Engagement Session
Tuesday: Two Years
Wednesday: Classic Outdoor Park Engagement Session
Thursday: New Vendor: Kimberly K. Cinema

I love John Hiatt's Have A Little Faith In Me. His voice is so unique and tranquil. I thought we could all use a little tranquil after the busy week we have had. My favorite line:
When your back's against the wall
Just turn around and you're gonna see
I'll be there, I'll be there to catch your fall 
Here is to a happy Friday and a weekend full of things that make you smile. You deserve it friend.

Have A Little Faith In Me by John Hiatt on Grooveshark

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