August 29, 2012

My Joy

Today equals a bit of a serious post. I shared this little photo via Instagram (@katiefarrin) the other day and most of you have seen/heard it 100 times. Regardless, it rings true. You know people stare at you when you say you blog. Now I do not blog for a living but this blog is growing. More than ever I am loving writing, answering emails and pushing myself to grow this little homestead.

When I started this blog I thought it would strictly be inspiration for brides. And while the blog is that, it has also grown to show real weddings. I answer relationship advice. I encourage woman after the wedding. I feel that is so important. Wedding blogs do show pretty pictures but this blog is a bit more. It helps you understand money in marriage, communicating with your other half & a freshness for life. I want Lovebird Productions to make you happy.

There are blogs all across the Internet. Some have thousands of readers. I was browsing a few blogs the other day and started to feel inadequate. I came across this quote and immediately quite feeling sorry for myself. I realized that I get to do what I love every day. I get to write this diary. I am beyond lucky y'all.

I also realized that I want to take the blog a little further. I want to make a few positive changes. While some of these changes you may never notice, I will let you know along the way. The time is now. I cannot sit and watch another day pass knowing that I could have done more. Let the brainstorming begin.

I just needed to share today. Sorry for no Wedding Dress Wednesday. I wanted you to know my heart. I want you to know that I am not going anywhere. My passion is this blog/writing. Now for what the future has...

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