August 24, 2012

Love Song Friday, Volume 67

Guys, you did it again. I may just turn this blog in to a relationship blog. Only kidding but I still cannot get over how friendly y'all are when it comes to this stuff. The number of readership yesterday was double. I wonder if that is because you agree with what I say or not. Ha! Regardless, thank you for your kindness.

{LBP This week}
Monday: Downtown Engagement Session: Cute Pups Included
Tuesday: Hot Pink and Gray Beach Decor Wedding
Wednesday: Wedding Dress Wednesday
Thursday: Q & A: Finding Happiness in Yourself & Relationships

Maybe I miss the point of what Love Song Friday is but I was watching my latest Netflix  addiction Private Practice (this show makes you cry a lot) and this song came on. I remembered how much I love it. And while Be Here Now by Ray LaMontagne may not be a sweet love song it is for sure uplifting. That is what we all need on a Friday. Happy almost weekend!

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