August 17, 2012

Love Song Friday, Volume 66

We made it to Friday! Other than feeling a little ill, this week has moved by quickly. Will you do me a favor? See that picture up above? It is probably one of the sweetest love stories ever. You should read it. It came along exactly when I needed it. I love that finding love happens at every age. Love is so good to us all. Yeah, it is a glitter and rainbows kind of day.

{LBP this week}
Monday: Welcome to My Closet Y'all
Tuesday: Downtown Vintage "Notebook" Engagement Session
Wednesday: Wedding Dress Wednesday
Thursday: Yellow & Gray Rainy Farm Affair

Don't forget to vote for our Wedding Closet Challenge! You get to decide on which style outfit to dress Kiss My Tulle in....and me too! To vote for Cris visit my Facebook page. To vote for my outfit style visit Kiss My Tulle Facebook page. Voting closes on Monday so chop chop!

Guys we are going techno today. I normally don't like techno but today calls for it. around, jump up and down, turn up your speakers and show Friday who is boss. It is Hello by Martin Solveig featuring Dragonette. Happy day y'all!

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