July 26, 2012

Four Blessings

I have the best news. Nope, it is not wedding related. Nope, it doesn't have to do with tulle but may one day. Nope, it doesn't have to do with floral arrangements. Yesterday, I became an Aunt for the 4th time. I still cannot believe it. I have three sweet faces that greet me every time I go back to Arkansas and now it makes four. Meet Sadie Rose Willeford.

She was born yesterday afternoon at a healthy 7.7 pounds. She is so pretty. I just thought when my brother got married that I was gaining a new nephew and sister-in-law but they thought we needed another Willeford. I have to say, I cannot agree more. Here is my brother's clan:

And yes, they have team Willeford shirts. How about another melt your heart moment?

Hillary and Josh knew exactly what I need for my 25th birthday. Next weekend I will get to hold her for the first time. Happy Thursday y'all! I have to say this may be my favorite post I have ever written.

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