June 29, 2012

Love Song Friday, Volume 60

Seriously? 60 volumes! How fun is that? I hope you are still tagging along. Love Song Friday is the longest running continued post on LBP so let us celebrate!

This week on LBP:

Monday: Stunning Bridal Session with Jamie Fender Photography
Tuesday: Honesty About Dress Shopping
Wednesday: Wedding Dress Wednesday
Thursday: Q & A: How Do You Come Up With Your Content?

Guys, I am keeping it short and sweet. Today I am spending time with family and reuniting with my husband who has been in Vegas. I chose Natasha Bedingfield's Love Like This. I love this song, the lyrics, the beat, the happiness. It is such a good song and 100% made for Friday's so play it loud!

And if aucoustic is not your cup of tea then please enjoy this studio recording. Man, aren't I so kind to include both versions? Ha! Happy, happy Friday!

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