March 24, 2011

Rent the Runway

One joy of starting a wedding videography business is that I get to blog about all things wedding.  Not only will I be telling you about my cute couples and their love stories but I will also be letting you in on some great wedding finds.

One thing that I am extremely excited to tell you about is Rent the Runway.  Yes most stars purchase their own designer gowns but now you can rent the same dresses that the stars wear.  How cool is that?  You can rent a dress, wear it to an event, dazzle the crowd, save money on your eye catching gown, then just mail it back.  A new feature that Rent the Runway is starting is a line of bridesmaid dresses!  One thing I love about this is now you don't have to tell your bride why are you making me wear this dress? that you will just cut the dress off an hem it to wear it later.  You can send it back!  They also have a wide collection of dresses for any one attending a wedding, business event or formal.

Just look at how cute these bridesmaid dresses are:

*All photos via Rent the Runway

Some things to know:
1.  How do you ensure my order arrives when I need it?
Answer:  Rent the Runway's main priority is to get you your dress before your special day.  They deliver right to your doorstep on the date you request.

2.  Will the dress fit?
Answer:  Probably the coolest thing ever - They always send you a second dress in whatever size you order...absolutely FREE!  Less than 1% of customers have fit issues.  I know...I love them already.  In the unlikely event your dress doesn't fit, they will ship you another one before your event.

3.  What if the weather is bad or something goes wrong?
Answer:  They never leave you without something great to wear.  Fashion emergencies are their specialties!

4.  How do I know the dress is clean when I receive it?
Answer:  They only ship dresses that receive a 100% fresh seal of approval from their eco-friendly, luxury dry cleaner.  The minute a dress looks worn, they retire it from their collection.  They say if they wouldn't wear it, they know you won't either.

5.  What if I damage the dress, am I liable?
Answer:  No worries!  For only $5 your dress is insured from wine spills, a broken zipper or a loose stone.  Party on!

Now that you are totally in love with Rent the Runway, check out their site.  It is as easy as signing up via email then browsing away.  What a neat way to transform your wedding with stylish bridesmaid gowns that your girls will love or be the best dress attendee.  Check it out!

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