June 21, 2011

Ooo Finances! Being a Maid of Honor: Part 2

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Being asked to be apart of your best friends wedding day is such a special thing but it can also cause stress when you think about how much it costs. Girls always kid that they need to take out a loan to be in a wedding. Yesterday we covered responsibilities here but today I wanted to look at expenses of a maid of honor or bridesmaid plus also point out ways to save money.

Things that you should pay for:

1. Your wedding day attire - On the day of the wedding you will be sporting a cute dress (that can later be cut off to wear shorter of course) that doesn't have to break your bank account. More than likely you will have matching shoes and accessories.
Ways to Save: Encourage your bride to shop at a big name bridal store. Stores like David's Bridal usually offer big sales. Most bridesmaids can get a percentage off of their dress by shopping during their seasonal sales. If your bride does not shop at a brand name store, try asking the bridal store associates if the wedding party can get a discount on your attire. I purchased my dress at a small store and they offered my bridal party 20% off of their dresses because I spent an allotted amount at their store. Every penny helps. If the bride asks your opinion, you can always suggest she give your jewelry or nail appointments as a wedding gift to the bridal party.

2. Wedding Showers and Bachelor Party - These can run a big cost. Bachelorette parties seem to become more and more extravagant. With the title of Maid of Honor, you will be hosting a shower and planning the bachelorette party.
Ways to Save: With any event, get more hostesses involved. The more people hosting the party = the lower the cost of expenses. Do not be afraid to ask others for decor. You can always get creative! When it comes to the bachelorette party, their are plenty of websites that offer cheaper hotels rates like Expedia and Priceline plus just like showers, the more who come and help the cheaper the costs. Plan in advance too! You can always score good discounts that way. Mention to the hotel you are a big group and they could even offer a discounted rate. Never hurts to ask.

3. Gifts - Oh goodness. You mean on top of spending my life savings to be in the wedding I need to give them numerous gifts. Proper etiquette is to give an engagement gift, shower gift and wedding present. If you are invited to multiple wedding showers, you only give a gift at the first shower. Typically you should double what you give each time you give. For example, if you spend $20 on the engagement gift, the shower gift should be $40 and the wedding $80. Yes, this is a lot. That is why you quit panicking and keep reading.
Ways to Save: When it comes to gift giving, do no be afraid to give with a group. If you want to have all the bridesmaid chip in and get a wedding gift for the day of the wedding, $80 all together is great! You can always make something. You could help by starting a scrapbook for the bride or creating a fun wedding keepsake box. You can also offer your services. If you are an extraordinary baker, offer to make fun cookies for the reception's dessert table.

4. Beauty: Hair, nails, makeup and more - Your bride may prefer that everyone wears their hair a certain way. Do not panic if you can't afford the cost of a $50 updo.
Ways to Save: Do your own hair. Practice in advance! You can cut costs by doing your own hair, make up and nails. Doing it yourself also saves time for you to help the bride!

5. Unexpected Costs - Watch your budget.  Unexpected things can creep into your budget like a bridesmaid forgetting the cheese tray for the shower or the bride not remembering her Crest white strips the night before the wedding.
Ways to Save: When planning for the wedding, set aside a little extra money just in case. Having the mind set that you may go over will ease the blow when you are $30 over budget. You can do this!

These tips are pretty simple but it always helps to be prepared financially for your best friends big day. You shouldn't have to worry about costs but instead enjoy your time with the bride!

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  1. This is such a great article! I remember my sister feeling so clueless as to what it meant to be a maid of honor and the responsibilities it carried. This is so helpful :)


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