February 25, 2016

In a Name

Can I just say I am THRILLED (!!!confetti everywhere!!!) to be sharing our baby girls name. With Skip we kept it a secret until he was born. Right after his birth (like fresh baby on chest) the conversation went like this:

(In the room while Skip warn born was my mom and R + nurses and our doctor)

Mom: What is his name? Tell me! Tell me!
Me: Rusty (weepy tears + birth endorphins), you tell her.
Rusty: NO! (weepy tears + birth endorphins too) You tell her dear.
Me: No you!
R: No you!
Mom: Someone tell me his name NOW!!
Me: Skip Redick Farrin!

We kept his name secret for several reasons i.e. people voicing their opinion (clears throat... my mom), too many monograms, possibly changing it halfway through (which totally happened. clears throat...Rusty).

With the aftermath of Skip's birth read postpartum depression, I asked R if we could pick a name for our girl and start calling her that. With Skip we called him baby boy while constantly trying not to slip up by saying his name. To me, I didn't feel connected to him pre-birth. I thought saying our girls name now would help me connect with her. We have also seen that Skip is starting to pay more attention to his sister and my growing belly. Saying her name has helped our family tremendously.

Now it is time to share! (And I know you already scrolled through this post looking for it so act surprised again. ;) Ha!)

Sweet Clara June Farrin! We love you so much little girl.

Rusty and I feel ourselves drawn to more classic names. Names that never go out of style. When we first found out we were pregnant, we were reading through a list online and I said Clara and R said remember that one. We already knew we wanted to use June because my grandmother is June Rose. Her family named her that because she was born in June and pretty as a rose. I am just like June Rose pretty much in every way. Just ask my family or hear them call me June Junior. I love my June Bug so much.

After liking Clara June and R tossing out calling her C.J. I looked up the meaning of her name. Clara means bright and June means young. Not only will she be smart but bright in that she shines. I just love that! So Clara June it is. And unlike Skip I will gladly take monogrammed everything.

Hooray for baby names!

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