December 28, 2015

When shoes are your favorite thing

About three weeks ago, I went to Kohls to do a little Christmas gift shopping. I went to the kids shoe section and found a pair of Nike's for Skip. He was with me and I was unsure of his shoe size. He had always had soft sole shoes. He walked around in them for a minute and loved them.

We checked out and took the shoes home with us. The next morning I was changing Bub's diaper and he pointed to his new shoes. I put them on him and since that moment he rarely takes them off. We have even had a nap time or two that they stayed on. He absolutely loves them. It makes me happy that a simple thing like a new pair of shoes can make his day (multiple times a day).

His grateful heart challenges mine and for that I am thankful. I am thankful for him and Nike shoes. :)

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