July 2, 2015

July Goals

Can we just address that to write a post like this you need music that makes you thrive? We can? Oh good.

Currently playing right now are my favorite gals Wilson Phillips. What song you ask? Hold On, of course. Did you just think of the movie Bridesmaids or that rad drum soul around minute 2:45? I did both of those two! #soulsisters

And thus this post writing and realizing how much I need to accomplish in July isn't so bad.

I think the hardest thing to realize is that we are two months (mid July) from having a one year old. I can't. I cannot even talk about it. Like all emotional throat closing up weird. So I am not putting that on the list at all. No party planning here. No way!

But for the other things...

1. Declutter our home. Every few months I like to go through everything and then host a garage sale or donate. Decluttering while stressful to others is like free therapy to this gal. And yes I would totally come over and declutter your home for you. I know. I am weird. Embrace it.

2. Big dinner party with friends. Our kitchen should be complete in a few weeks and I want to have everyone over to enjoy our big island, our kitchen table, our open space. Want to see updates on the kitchen? Here is the before of our space and update one + update two.

3. Blog our Seaside vacation. And when I say blog I mean share the 800 photos I took. Oh, you thought that number was exaggerated? Nope.

4. Go through all Skipper's clothes. One of my sweet friends is due the same day as I am was with a little boy. I am going through all the clothes, organizing by months then toting them to her. I don't think I fully realize this undertaking but it needs to be done. I am sure Skip won't mind helping me.

5. Keep training for my half marathon. So I spoke it on social media recently. Does that mean the race is real? Kidding but seriously. I am trying to stay on schedule with training even with R being gone this entire week. Maybe some day I will write a post on running. I am N O expert. In fact I am slow and have bad form and slow. I also hate running, well, the getting out the door part. Once I am doing it and afterwards it is a big high and accomplishment for me. The race we are doing is this one in October. Mommy has plenty of time to get her act together.

6. Keep digging deeper with my faith and reading his word. This time is becoming my favorite time. I still cannot get a specific time (morning or night) but when I get into his word daily it blesses my soul. I long for this time. Right now I am doing a Beth Moore study in case anyone is interested.

7. Blog updates. I just want to make some simple updates to the blog. Like my about me page that still says I am due in September. S U R P R I S E! I had the baby. Almost a year ago...

Now I am crying. See what y'all did? Totally kidding but what is making your list of goals for July?

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