March 5, 2014

Spring Wishlist

Each year I typically (depending on time) come up with a seasonal bucket list. Here is my last one from Summer. I am eagerly waiting Spring. Like counting down the days, marking them on a calendar ready for Spring. I even ventured out and bought a pair of flip flops last weekend. This may sound crazy but I didn't own a pair. Who doesn't own flip flops?

Spring always feels like a fresh start. It is closer to summer and I have missed the sunshine. Winter typically is my favorite month but the older I get (a big whopping 26) the more I dislike winter. Honestly, I have defended winter for years but this year, I just cannot. Winter, see you later.

I do know that I will eventually be tired of summer especially when I am 9 months pregnant but hey, it is okay. I love this list below. I keep reading it and it makes me happy. Happy, happy.

+ {Plant and build raise garden beds}
I am actually enlisting my dad to help with building them and helping me get my first garden started. I am so excited for this. I know it takes a bit to grow produce but I know I can do it. My dad has this really neat chart that shows how long it takes to grow something and when you should plant it. Eeeep! This gets me so excited!

+ {Host an outdoor cookout}
We have a great back patio at this house. Rusty has also put in really bright flood lights. I want tiki torches and fresh flowers and white Christmas lights and everyone laughing around the table. This one is a must.

+ {Make plans for our Spring Break trip}
We initially wanted to travel to the beach but decided to stick closer and visit our condo on the lake. It will more than likely be too cold for laying out in the sun but we want to relax. We want to take the puppies swimming, sleep in (which is more like 8 am), eat good food and rest. But we want to do some new things too like downtown shopping, visit an art gallery, hike a new trail and a couple's massage. I want to get things in place and planned for our outings so that we don't have to stress once we get there. I am needing this vacation. I am counting down the days. Mostly for the food and sleep. I know, crazy pregnant lady.

+ {Yard work like crazy}
Blah but yes. With nice weather (hopefully) coming, we need to do some clean up. Clean up the flower beds, cut down two trees, trim some trees and bushes, plant new flowers and clean up the puppy landmines. I am not looking forward to this but I totally am looking forward to it. Weird, I know.

+ {Save for a new fence} 
We have two puppies who LOVE to escape from the backyard. Our backyard has a disturbing look with random things stuck in our slatted fence. We have things in the cracks like rocks, bricks, sticks, random pieces of wood shoved in, cardboard and bamboo. Told you it was interesting. This summer I will be very pregnant and I want to have piece of mind letting the puppies out to sunbath and play. So, we are saving. Fences are crazy expensive but the girls deserve a new one and we are extending our backyard significantly with a new layout. Silly but I am so excited to see how the girls (Marcy and Jane) react to new yard.

+ {Host a girls night}
I am wanting to host a themed girls night and next Thursday is the day! We are having Mexican food and the girls coming over are teacher friends. It is so nice to spend time with co-workers outside of the classroom. They make me laugh until I cry. Every gal needs a night like that.

+ {Buy a hammock}
I would love one to tie between two trees. Summer hammock naps are a top priority on my Spring/Summer list. 

Image via Style Me Pretty

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