January 28, 2014

Note to Self

Dear self,

It is a typical Tuesday but in Katie land my thoughts are all over the place. I am thinking about projects for my students, what is for dinner, why are my pants fitting tighter, will it ever be warmer, how will everything get done before this weekend, is it summer yet?

But self you are missing something big, the right now. You are missing your husband cuddling you in the morning because you are consumed with your schedule. You are missing out on play time with the puppies because you can't sit still that long. You are missing the sunshine. You are missing God's voice.

So this letter is for a few things.

You have to learn to be present. In all things.

Self, let things go. Let them be. Move on. Do better next time.

Rest when you need it.

Be consistent.

Pray hard. Harder than that. More intently. More focused.

Everything will fall in place. Things are coming.Wonderful things so take time for them.

Self, it will all be okay. All of it. Again, let it go.


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