January 16, 2014

Love Song Friday, Volume 121

+ Is this really the first Love Song Friday of that year? Celebration time. Guys, this time of year is so encouraging. I wish I could bottle it up forever. Have I mentioned that before? Yeah, I have. How are you doing with your goals for the year? Resolutions still in tack? I hope so. But if not, you can get back on track. I pinky promise. You deserve to do your best. Even if that means starting over.

+ Weekend plans? I plan on going to our local coffee shop for a scone. I have been really into scones lately. Any good recipes you want to pass along? Also this is my only goal for the weekend.

+ I have Monday off. So it will consist of sleeping in, reading (awesome new book here - you should totally join the well book club), leftover scones, at least one movie, a nap, a walk with my puppies and some notebook writing. I am really into journaling lately. Point is, I need relaxation. It is okay to rest.

+ I am getting to see my brothers kids this weekend. How about five babes? Seriously, my brother has five kids. I sometimes can't believe it either. I love seeing their faces. And they all have funny stories to tell. My four-year-old nephew recently went to a Harlem Globetrotters game and got a red and white headband. Two days later, well, he is still wearing it. He is the cutest. They all are.

+ Can I just say how God is good? I didn't think you would mind either.

+ Monday: How a Little Tulle Skirt Can Change Your Day
+ Tuesday: DIY Gold Picture Frame
+ Thursday: Snowy Maine + Puppy Engagement Session

+ I am extra thankful for music today. John Legend is brilliant and talented and real. Yes, I love all kinds of music but a true musician who is pure talent? Now that just makes it so much better.

+ It is a throw confetti in the air and drink an extra cup of coffee type of day. Dooooooo it.

Image via Southern Weddings by Collin Richie Photography

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