November 26, 2013

Photos I Would Have Instagrammed, Volume 2

+ The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. Emotional, exciting, happy, a bit dark and exhausting but mostly thrilling. Yes, I lost my grandfather but I also gained a new nephew making me an aunt times five. Times five y'all. Five babies to my name. It is such a blessing.

+ I buried grandfather with happy tears in my eyes. I said one last thank you for all he did for me and our family. He was such a dynamic man.

+ I have traveled through 5+ states in four days. Arkansas to Chicago to Arkansas to Boston to Arkansas.

+ I attended a fabulous conference in Boston the end of last week. It was motivating and informative. It lit a fire under me as a teacher. It made me realize I can push more and the ideas I have for this journalism program are not way off.

So just like in volume one here I wanted to share all the photos I have taken with my lovely iPhone. Chronicles of my journey and all the stuff in between. I did instagram a good deal on my trip but have so many more to share.

Also today will be my last day blogging this week. I am spending the rest of the time with family. I will be heading back to Chicago to spend the holidays with my grandmother. I am so excited! Enjoy time with your family, loved ones and lots of good eats. Oh, don't miss the Thanksgiving afternoon nap. Stay warm and thankful friends. Speak your thankfulness. Speak it every chance you get.

A notebook was needed for, well, my ridiculously good ideas and quotes. I love a good quote.

Our amazing hotel in Boston. I highly recommend it. You are in the heart of the city and not far from attractions. Also they have a marvelous little French Bistro next door. Their spinach mac and cheese was life changing.


Our free lot to bring back to our kids and other teachers. The vendors were so generous.

Site of the Boston massacre.

Paul Revere's house with people talking on cell phones in the front of it. Fitting right?

Adore this quote by JFK. "Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future." So good and so true.

 Um hello? Best cannoli in all the land. We waited in a line that wrapped around the block. It was so worth it. So worth it.

 Mike's was an experience. One that I am glad I took.

 Quincy Market is so charming.

Christmas time in Boston is magical. Christmas all together is magical but especially in the city.

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