October 18, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 116

Is it really Friday already? Is this real life? This week went by so fast. But I don't mind a fast week if it is full of good memories. R and I finally got around to celebrating our anniversary with a very fabulous meal. It was full of goat cheese and a good glass of wine. I really think those two things make the world go round. The restaurant was also a nice change to the small amount of choices that we have here. It was in an old post office with exposed brick walls and the neatest bar area. We had to make a 30 minute drive but that just meant 30 minutes of R rapping and singing. It is such a treat. (Insert a bit of sarcasm) Ha!

\\\\\Weekly Recap Y'all/////
Monday: Gorgeous Pink and Candlelit Plantation Wedding
Tuesday: Backyard + Northport Bay Wedding
Thursday: Learning to Rest

We are road tripping this weekend. I love car rides with R and Jane dog. This is also where I could make another stab at R's music abilities. A few other things I am looking forward to this weekend include sleeping in, Fall leaves on the ground, cooler temperatures and family time. Family time is a soul healer.

Make sure you check out more of the wedding above. Do it. Sequined bridesmaids dresses equal goodness.

I heard a stripped down acoustic version of this song on a t.v. show this past week. While I cannot find that version yet (don't worry though because I will), I thought it would be perfect for today. An oldie. A goodie. A happy Friday. Enjoy your lovely weekend! And remember to rest...

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