October 4, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 114

So this post is 100% dedicated to ladies. How awesome are we? Oh, don't get all modest today even though I did have a pro and con list of putting up a picture of me today. It is all about us today with no ounce of guilt.

Sometimes we women don't praise ourselves enough. And I am putting a stop to that today.

Now scroll to the song below and click play then come back.

Yes, that is the gals of Sex and the City singing to you. I am woman. Hear me roar in numbers to big to ignore.

I am strong. I am invincible. I am woman.

Let's talk about it. We are working women. Whether we are sitting at a desk, shaping young minds, being creative or cleaning up baby spit up, your work is important. It and you are needed every day. No job that you do is ever too little. We are overworked, under paid, exhausted, stretched to thin. But we rise above it every day. We are changing the world even with the smallest gesture. Some days we cannot make it out of the house with matching shoes on (true story) but we can come home that evening and love on our family. We are laundry queens. We are chefs. We are health nuts. We are brunettes, red heads, blondes, a little gray or maybe pink haired. We are all different shapes and sizes. We are all unique but we are bonded in that we can accomplish anything. I mean it. What would the world be like without your loving heart? Lame, I say.

So no matter what your plate looks like today or a month from now, learn to praise the good you do. Let the rest melt away. It is okay to lock yourself in the bathroom and sing into the mirror. It is okay to wear your favorite jeans two days in a row. It is okay to spend time pampering yourself. It is okay to soak an extra 5 minutes in the tub. It is okay to order dinner in for the night. Let it go.

You know we can never be perfect but I think we are doing a darn good job with our families, careers, friendships, our life. Rejoice in the good of today. Rejoice in what you have accomplished whether that is winning a big court case or getting your baby down for a nap. Your victory is yours. Let your hair down ladies. We are amazing (make sure you tell yourself that)....

And spicy....

And one-of-a-kind....

And God's creation....

We are woman.


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