September 12, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 111

Let's talk about those gals bright pink lipstick above. I am in love. While I love fall and leaves and chunky sweaters and cold nights, my color palette/wardrobe screams spring. Pink peonies, bright colors, freshly painted nails. I dig you spring but welcome fall with big, wide, open arms.

Another weekend getaway and this road trip is longer than the last. My husband just adores when I sleep the entire. time. My favorite is when he takes incriminating pictures of me sleeping with my mouth open. In the meantime, I have plans of mimosas on Saturday morning followed by football. Please, oh please, Fayetteville have some colorful leaves and signs of fall for me.

Weekend plans? Share away friends.

//////////////Weekly Love\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Wednesday: A little day off

//////////////Link Lovelies\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Rusty and I are far from baby but I do adore this bed canopy on Young House Love

Don't miss this pet bow tie giveaway on Kiss My Tulle

Do you read Hey Natalie Jean yet? Because you should be. Every day. Religiously. Like changing your undergarments every day.

I needed a perfect song for today. You know I use the word perfect a lot. A lot. So what does it mean? Maybe I should write a post on that. One day I will. Until then though know that perfect in my book changes every day. Perfect can mean just making it one day while another it means a lot of sunshine. Perfect changes with my world. It should with yours too. Again, another post, another time. Make perfect your own. Your own.

Until then, Ain't To Proud To Beg by the Temptations. What else did you expect? :)

Image via Green Wedding Shoes

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