July 8, 2013

Vintage Truck + Grandma's Farm Arkansas Engagement Session

This blog has blessed me immensely with new and exciting experiences. Meeting new business goals, making fabulous friends, writing what is on my heart and today I get to add sharing one of my favorite sorority sisters engagement session and love story. Sometimes life is just a big bowl of goodness. Goodness and homemade ice cream (which my lovely mother made for the fourth.)

Meet Haley and Spencer. Haley, well, that gal has a heart of pure gold. Pure gold. She is beautiful, smart, talented, witty and downright charming. I got to see just how gorgeous this girl is on the inside when I went through a little bumpy patch in college. She gave such sound advice and is wise beyond her years. Then the best things happened. She got placed into my little AGD family. In other words, she couldn't get rid of me. ;)

You can imagine my joy for her to find the love of her life. No one deserves it more than her. She is glowing in the images below. Spencer connects the dots for her. He makes her smile. He challenges her faith. He makes her better. That is true love and Haley and Spencer have it. Now for the good part...

{From the bride}
Spencer and I met in December of 2011 in Jonesboro, AR through a mutual friend. He is originally from Dallas, TX, and after graduating from Texas A&M, he moved to Little Rock where he met a good friend of mine at church. Both of them came up to Jonesboro one weekend for an Arkansas State game, and the night before the game they came over to my apartment to hang out with my roommates. We were friends for a few months afterwards. A group of our friends went to a Drew Holcomb concert in Little Rock one night, and we ended up talking for hours throughout the whole concert. We went on our first date a few days later and have been together ever since.

Spencer drove up to Jonesboro for our first date. We spent the day together at Craighead Forest Park and the Edge coffee shop (which was my favorite coffee shop in Jonesboro). We sat and talked about life for hours, and during that conversation I knew the Lord was telling me to let this guy pursue me. I knew that Spencer and I were headed somewhere (I had no idea where or how because we hadn’t known each other for very long) but all I knew was that it was good, and that I needed to go for it. About a year later, Spencer proposed to me in that very spot where we sat during our first date!

That is why we chose to take some of our engagement photos in “our room” at the Edge. I have played piano since I was a little girl, so of course we used that as a prop. We also went out to my grandma’s farm in Paragould and took photos with my grandpa & uncle’s amazing vintage truck that they restored in the early 90’s (and we had to include Spencer’s dog/best friend Milo). Finally we went out to the golf course that my parents live beside in Paragould. Spencer is an assistant superintendent at a golf course in Little Rock, and my dad is an avid golf player as well, so the golf course was sentimental too! I love how they turned out. They are sweet and honest, which is the perfect combination of Spencer and myself. Kelsey is such an incredible photographer! I am so thankful and excited for how they turned out.

And just so you can see how gorgeous the wedding turned out...

{Vendors} Engagement Photography: Kelsey Cherry Photography / Wedding Image: Stephanie Parsley Photography

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