June 4, 2013

June Goals

Some days I just want to hit the pause button. It is June y'all. Like middle of the year June. How crazy is that?

It is time again for a monthly goals post and I am just as surprised as you that this post is happening towards the first of the month and not the middle. Let's recap last month's goals and see how I did:
  • {Find balance} 70%: I am still learning this and I am realizing that life is ever changing. This one may take a while.
  • {Make a creative date night for R & I} 0%: Total fail on my part. Instead of a date night, R decided we should move again. Ha!
  • {Downsize even more} 100%: I have been a mad woman with this one! I have sold so much furniture and have given away so many outfits. I am loving this goal!
  • {Find a place to volunteer + a group to get involved with} 0%: But since we are moving I have already been looking into places to get involved in El Dorado.
  • {Get rid of toxic products + make some new get ready items} 60%: I have cleaned out my old lotions, sunscreens, perfumes but now I need to work on creating new things like a homemade face lotion and a homemade shampoo solution.

{Create more}
I am wanting to create more fun blog posts. Whether it is fashion related post or a new recipe, I want to create more. I not only want to create more with the blog but in every day life. I am itching to strip some furniture and get to painting it.

{Spend a pool day with my nieces and nephews}
I am SO excited to be moving so close to my brother and his family. I want to spend a day playing with all my little nieces and nephews. My brother and sister-in-law have no idea what a blessing 5 kids are to me!

{Visit the lake}
This is already in the works for this weekend but I want to keep the tradition going. I am such a lake gal. Sunshine, coconut oil, chacos and a good book are all components of the lake for me. Sounds good, right?

{Read two new books}
My favorite place to go book shopping is Goodwill. I love browsing used books and I recently picked up four new books for $2. With my reading habits, it is one hobby that will not break the bank. Two new books but which to pick first?

Isn't this goal on every single monthly goal post? Hardy har but it seems that way. It is time to move again (more on that here) and I am so excited/nervous/anxious/ready/holymoly.

{Have more girl time}
Not much more needed for this post. I need girl time and lots of it. I love R but girl time is a must for any gal. I am lucky to be moving to a town with dear friends already there. So let the girl time roll...

What are your goals for this month? I hope invite Katie to an awesome summer cookout is one of them because I will totally be there! :)

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  1. If you are willing to travel to VA/DC area, I'll definitely throw a cook-out in your honor! Definitely more girl time, traveling, and more date nights with the hubs. I spend so much time working, I need to enjoy the important things in my life! :)

    1. I would LOVE to come visit! That would be so much more fun! Here's to more you time Tee! :)


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