May 1, 2013

Cozy and Charming California Couple Session

Yes, that is four C's in the title. Things are getting crazy over here y'all. And by things getting crazy I simply mean coming up with title's for posts with a repeating letter.

I cannot get enough of Ariel and Karl. This couple shows us exactly what confidence and comfort in lasting love looks like. I hope that each of you get to experience this. I really do. These two are 100% going to brighten your Wednesday. I have no doubts about that. Because sometimes all you need is a pickup truck, a blanket and your best friend. Kat Skye Photography, you are the best!

{From the photographer}
Such a cute couple! But... this is not an engagement shoot, but instead just a celebration of love! My husband and I had such a great time capturing their moments together. I just want to be the third wheel (well fourth since my husband is there too) and photographing loving interactions as if you are on a date! And that was what this shoot was like... just following them around while they laughed and loved on each other. And these were the photos that came from it! Such an amazing and Godly couple and I enjoy every moment with them! Thanks for letting me photograph your love :) 

{Vendors} Photography: Kat Skye Photography / Submission: Two Bright Lights

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