March 13, 2013

UT Austin Engagement Session

Titus and Jenny met at the gym. Jenny beat him at basketball. Titus was impressed. Titus won the girl. I think Titus might have known what he was doing the whole time. ;)

Day 7 Photography did a fabulous job telling their story through their engagement session. You see their love for sports, University of Texas where they met, Jenny's basketball skills and just a simple stroll in the neighborhood. Jenny has wonderful style and this fun loving couple is sweet as pie! Couple's like Jenny and Titus make you smile and this glimpse into their relationship is only the beginning of how wonderful their wedding will be.

{From the photographer}
Gregory gym is where it all began. Titus would somehow end up in basketball games with Jenny over and over again. To his surprise, she was quite the basketball player. She would school all the guys around her with Titus included.

Today, Jenny will probably still beat Titus in basketball but she schools him in another way. Titus works for an advertising agency while Jenny is an elementary school teacher. Their different backgrounds made this session so unique and you’ll see that they did a great job incorporating all those elements into their session.

{Vendors} Photographer: Day 7 Photography / Venue: Gregory Gym /  Submission: Two Bright Lights


  1. Cute! I love engagements that focus on a couple's shared interests!

  2. What a great shoot! This is totally making me miss Texas.


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