March 8, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 92

I guess now is the time to share some news. This lovely man above (my hunky husband) recently accepted a new job. While that is exciting, the job is moving us back to Arkansas. Some of you who are new to the blog may not know but Rusty and I grew up in beautiful Arkansas and moved to the San Antonio area almost two years ago. We love it here. Yes, we just built a home about 8 months ago. Yes, New Braunfels is quite possibly the most charming town ever. Yes, we have awesome friends here but life has different plans. A few things played into the decision of moving back but the biggest being how far we are from our families. When Rusty's dad passed away suddenly last October it shook us to our core. We felt so far here. We knew with kids (still a few more years Mom) eventually being in the picture that South Texas was just too far. A job literally fell into Rusty's lap and we snatched it up. He is thrilled. I cannot say how lucky I am to have a husband who loves what he does and works as hard as he does. Y'all he let's me work part time so I can keep this little blog going. He encourages my big dreams. He makes me laugh. I also have not seen him in 10 days and I am ready to squeeze him.

So we are moving. All the details are not worked out yet and we still have a home to sell so pray about that please. We are excited and moving to a new area for both of us! Some of our closest friends live in the same area so we think we are striking gold plus our families will be hours closer! Yay for Arkansas and life changes! Rest assure nothing about Lovebird Productions will change other than getting a little bit more awesome every day! But we already knew that. Ha!

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The first time I heard We Both Know by Colbie Calliat and Gavin DeGraw was as the final credits were rolling for Safe Haven. I am typically quick to leave the theatre after a movie but I heard the first few chords and notes and sat back down. The song touched my heart. It talks about the harder side of love. With every couple, the hard things are different. It may be a couple frustrated over money. It may be broken trust. It may be letting silly things come between you. It may be the difficulty with conceiving. Whatever it is know that this obstacle is to make you stronger and healthier as a couple. Together, your love can make. I know it and you know it.

I haven't shared my favorite lyrics from songs in a while:
Say you’ll always try to be my helping hand
Try to be the one who understands
When things don’t go as you planned
We’re still worth it all
Celebrate your love today no matter what you are going through. Your marriage is one thing that brings you out of the dark. Happy Friday friends!

Image by the kind Daniel Holman Photography


  1. Crap. Now I have to find a different babysitter...


  2. Wow - congrats on the new job! My parents love Arkansas - moving is hard but exciting. I wish only the best for you both!

  3. How exciting! Congratulations to your hubby, and how lovely to moving closer to your family. Love your little aside to your mum! :)

  4. This is very exciting! I know exactly how you feel and know it will be worth it to be closer to your family!!


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