March 1, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 91

How is that we are already to 91 volumes of Love Song Friday? You guys sure have put up with me for a long time. On another note, it is so cold here in Texas. When I say cold, I mean 35 degrees on my morning run. That is immobilizing cold for a girl who spends 90% of her days with warm weather and sunshine. The sunshine part is still a constant. Also, is it really already March? We are starting our third month of the year. That means only 9 left out of the year. That makes you kick things in to gear and a tad more driven for our goals. Follow those dreams people!

///Lovely Week\\\
Monday: Orange, Purple and Bright Green Joyous Denver Wedding / Pep It Up Monday: Striking Through Perfectionism
Tuesday: Canadian Lakeside Engagement Session
Wednesday: Elegant Shades of Pink Illinois Wedding
Thursday: New Vendor: Alexa Sonken + Lovely Giveaway

///Link Love\\\
This gorgeous Mint board on Kiss My Tulle
This scenic Maine and lobster filled wedding on Bayside Bride
The stunning Wedding Print Collection by Stephanie Sterjovski

Also don't forget to enter the Made with Love Stamp giveaway from Alexa Sonken. It is such a neat gift and any lady can enter. You do not have to be a planning bride only. Anyone welcome y'all!

So what song is our Friday theme? Mariah Carey's Heartbreaker. Thank you 90's. Seriously, thank you 90's! I know we have been rocking the 90's quite a bit but really can you be upset over 90's Mariah? I didn't think so. Happy weekend lovelies!

Image via Cupcakes and Cashmere

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