February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Themed Engagement Session

Happy Valentine's Day friends! I am so excited to celebrate this holiday with you. To be honest, I have never celebrated Valentine's Day before. My mom has always been my Valentine and she is a really good one. But life handed me a gorgeous package named Rusty and now my husband is my forever Valentine. I am totally okay with that!

I received two fabulous submissions so we are celebrating with not only one fun couple but two! I am so excited! Come back later today for more lovey dovey goodness. 

No engagement session is the same and thank goodness for that! I love a couple that puts fun props to use. Angelina and Tim took to their favorite locations and brought along champagne, chalkboards and tasty desserts. Gina Petersen Photography, you totally are spoiling us with this Valentine's Day themed engagement session! Guys, celebrate this day how you want. And just remember "If you're a bird I'm a bird." See you this afternoon!

{From the photographer}
I met Angelina & Tim one sunny California afternoon at their wedding venue, St. Vincent's in Marin, California. We wanted to start our afternoon together there since they love that location so much. St. Vincent's has some beautiful spots that we decided to save for their first look. Being that Tim is a country guy at heart, we then headed to a working dairy farm full of cows, chickens and lots of dirt. As a photographer, the old trucks and hay-filled flatbeds were a must! We finished our day at China Camp, which is the home of a old fishing village full of character. I had received some text images from Angelina the weekend before telling me they were doing some location scouting, and they found "THE" location for some great shots. They were right! It was gorgeous, and although we were chasing the sun (literally) to catch those golden moments, as it went down, we had a great time after sunset with some celebratory moments on the dock. Angelina, being a kindergarten teacher, I thought it was appropriate that we somehow use a chalkboard as a prop, and with Valentine's Day just around the corner the possibilities were endless. I love the fun-loving personalities that this couple has and I cannot wait until their wedding day!

{Vendors} Photography: Gina Petersen Photography

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