February 19, 2013

Sponsor Love Y'all: Crafted Locally

It is a good day friends. One thing that I love about writing a wedding blog is introducing readers to talented vendors. These vendors not only make your wedding planning experience easier but they are full of inspiration specific for you. In other words, I only share vendors who I feel are the best and exactly what you are looking for.

You have heard me brag about her before but meet Debora of Crafted Locally. The foundation of which Debora started Crafted Locally makes me smile. Not only did she want a hobby but she had extra beads and jewels lying around that sparked her creativity. She took something fun and turned it into a profitable business while keeping it a special trade just for her enjoyment. I love that Debora can take your mismatched and old beads lying around and make something 100% new and fresh. Plus she is so kind and a true joy to work with. Lovebird Productions is so excited to have Crafted Locally as a sponsor!

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Let's give Crafted Locally a very warm welcome!

Photos via Crafted Locally.


  1. Thank you Katie...what a warm welcome. It is my pleasure to sponsor your blog. I love reading it and I know others will too!

    1. We are so excited to have you! I do not think I can say it enough! :)


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