February 8, 2013

Love Song Friday, Volume 88

It is here. The day we all long for. I know I have been looking forward to it. My weekend is going to be really exciting. You ready to hear my plans? Spring cleaning. But Katie, it is only February. You are right but the weather here feels like Spring. Our house needs it. Confession: I love our puppy so much but sometimes I do not know how she has hair on her body. She sheds so much; therefore, leaving our home covered in pup hair. I mean every little nook and cranny. It is time to get it all up. Wish me luck y'all! Oh and go look at this wedding (picture above). It will take your breath away in the best way possible.

{Week Recap Time}
Monday: Green & Navy Downtown St. Louis Wedding
Monday x 2: Pep It Up Monday: Be Real + A Giveaway
Tuesday: Ocean House Rhode Island Engagement Session
Wednesday: Stunning Pink & Gold Farm Wedding <- I am still dying over this wedding.
Thursday: Q & A: Your Husband's Birthday Gift?

Don't forget that there is still time to enter the Shulis Gold Leaf Necklace Giveaway. Ladies, we all deserve pretties. It only take a few minutes and a chance for you to have a new gift for yourself. You can also enter LOVE20 at Shuli's lovely Etsy shop to get 20% off more jewels.

Love Song Friday is upon us ladies and gents (well if any gents read this). Imagine Dragons are becoming a staple in the Farrin household.  It's Time is the best song to send you off into your Friday happenings. Guys, I am so excited for next week on Lovebird Productions. I also have a few new exciting things in the works but you will have to wait for those. Secrets. Everyone has them! Happy Friday loves!

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