January 14, 2013

Dance Like No One is Watching

It feels like the New Year has brought a lot of new promise and excitement but also struggles. Now I know not every day will be a walk in the park but it should be pretty darn close. The biggest blessing & goal I am treating myself to is more time. Time to be upset (just for a bit). Time to read a few more blogs and put off emails. Time to laugh. Time to blog. Time to be still and quiet. Time to enjoy my family. Time away from social media. Take time for yourself and do not feel selfish for it. Years from now you are going to kick yourself for passing up on a few laughs with your husband or that afternoon nap to recharge your batteries. Enjoy the newness of each day. What a blessing that we get to start over every day. Cherish it and in the meantime watch this...


  1. hahahaha omg that video just made my week!

  2. Awesome video + wise words. Thanks for a great start to the week, Katie :) x


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