December 7, 2012

Love Song Friday, Volume 80

I can feel the weekend. It is so close and I have zero plans. No weddings. No errands. Just me, editing and the couch. Do you have any exciting plans for this weekend? A farmers market trip? Christmas shopping? I hope that you all enjoy many moments of happiness!

I have to say that we had a wonderful week on Lovebird Productions. It is all because of you guys. I know I teased some updates coming to the blog at the first of the year. Let's just say that I think we are going to take the inspiration level up a few notches. It makes me so excited y'all!

{Happy week y'all}
Monday: Eclectic Australian Beach Wedding
Tuesday: New Vendor + Giveaway: Tabibi Design
Wednesday: Vintage Coffee Shop Photo Session
Thursday: December Goals

{A few favorites around the blog world this week...}
One beyond gorgeous wedding on Every Last Detail
A French flea market inspired wedding on Fab You Bliss
Creative Christmas date ideas on Heart Love Weddings
A backyard wedding that makes you scream with excitement on Green Wedding Shoes

Do not forget to enter this fabulous giveaway by Tabibi Design! You have until Sunday evening and the winner will be announced Monday morning on the blog. Who wouldn't want this lovely I Love You More Than Cake stationery set?

Another Friday is here which also means a lovely tune and it is a first for the blog. I am repeating a song. Shocker! It is Jessie J's Who You Are which you saw many Love Song Friday's ago here. Lately at work this song keeps coming on my Pandora and I know that I need to share it. This live version is flawless.

You know sometimes people ask if my world is always rainbow and glitter. Honestly, I wish I could have it together all the time. So many things in my day make me happy but there are also just as many negative distractions too. Make yourself happy! My favorite line is It's okay not to be okay. And it totally is.


  1. Hmm...I'll be working this weekend, as usual ;-) But it's all fun work & from home, so I can't complain :-) Have a fab weekend my friend!

    1. I know what you mean. I am just glad to blog and edit in peace! You have a wonderful weekend too and kiss that sweet puppy for me :)

  2. I will be doing quite a bit of editing this weekend as well, and making Christmas cookies with my maid of honor! :) I hope you have a great weekend. Xo, your newest follower, Margaret

    1. You are so kind and I am very excited to have you Margaret! Checking out your blog now :)

      P.s. Have fun making cookies!

  3. Great round up and I am def. going to enter that giveaway!


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