November 30, 2012

Love Song Friday, Volume 79

We made it guys! It is officially Friday. Tomorrow marks my last wedding of the year. I cannot believe that the year is so close to being over. I am looking forward to finally working with Dan who I have bragged about here and here. I also am looking forward to working with this sweet couple at one of my favorite hill country venues, Boulder Springs. Giddy y'all!

Any exciting plans this weekend? Do share. I am all ears. By the way, check out this fabulous wedding featured over on Snippet and Ink.

{This week...}
Monday: Wheat Field Engagement Session
Tuesday: Perfect Fall Engagement Session
Wednesday: NYC Trip Recap
Thursday: Q & A: Joining Your Bank Account or Keeping Things Separate

Song Time friends. I thought really hard about this song for today. Confession: I stress a tiny bit over Love Song Friday. I love music. I love how it changes your mood and is a part of your every day life whether you realize it or not. It is something that has gotten me through some difficult times. Music has been a break up anthem. The song that keeps me going when I am worn down. The song I walked down the isle to my husband to. The music that I associate memories with. Music is so special.

Love Song Friday isn't just a song to add to your wedding playlist or a song to get you through your day and into your weekend. It is encouragement, advice, the answer, a little slice of happiness. I went with Roots Before Branches by Room For Two. Remember it from the season 3 Glee finale? Yeah, I ugly cried that episode too. Ever listened to the words of this amazing song? It makes me choke up every time. It is sweet and moving.
I gotta have roots before branches.
To know who I am before I know who I wanna be.
And faith to take chances to live like I see a place in this world for me.
If that doesn't challenge you I don't know what will. You can do it friend. Whatever that struggle is or big decision may be, you can face it. If nothing else, you can play this song over and over to give you some encouragement and send yourself into a weekend of action. We have to have roots before branches. Plain and simple and motivating.


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    1. I am glad we share a love for it! Doesn't it just make you happy? :)


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