November 20, 2012

Guest Post: 7 Fabulous Wedding Hairstyles From Fab You Bliss

{Stephanie is one of my favorite people. She is talented and keeps me in line. Ha! I am so thrilled to have her guest posting today. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @lovebird_prod for a little peek at New York! Now for Stephanie's wedding hair inspiration. Make sure to visit her at Fab You Bliss too!}

Hi there, my name is Stephanie, I’m the owner and editor of Fab You Bliss, a wedding and lifestyle blog that focuses on pretty inspirations. Today I’m guest posting for Katie while she’s on a much deserved vacation. So it's just you and me and a whole lot of pretty!

Since Katie and I both have a focus on weddings, today I thought I’d feature some gorgeous wedding hairstyles. I'm not featuring hair accessories though, rather just the style of hair which ultimately sets the tone for so many other details...including your accessories.
So here goes.

First up I have two gorgeous up-dos. This first one is an elegant style with the bun high in the back and straight wisps to the side. Isn't this so pretty? I love the chic, classic look!

The second is romantic and a little messy, (in a good way), with the up-do lower at the base of the neck. Both of these lovely styles would work well if you have longer layered hair that you want to wear up on your big day.

Speaking of long hair, if you happen to have luxurious locks like the two images below, (or perhaps you want to go the extensions route), these natural long curly styles are simply divine. This style works well if you have thick hair or hair that holds curls well. It's such a beautiful and very romantic style !

Braids have become all the rage over the past year or so. I love them! But I so wish I had someone to braid the back of my hair like I've seen in so many beautiful up-dos. This one though, the one below, I think could easily be accomplished by oneself without too much trouble. Although, I'd still have someone else like a professional do your hair on your wedding day, it's a splurge you should definitely save the money for.

This Side Chignon is simply gorgeous. I've seen it pinned and repined a ga-zillion times on Pinterest, but I had to include it in this roundup because this style is just so elegant and pretty. Don't you agree?

And finally, probably my favorite style as of now is the ballerina bun. Again, it's so elegant and classy...clearly these are attributes I am definitely drawn to. But who wouldn't be, right? I think of Audrey Hepburn every time I see a bun like this, don't you?

Clearly these images are just the tip of the ice berg as there are hundreds of hairstyles you can choose from. But hopefully this will give you the springboard you need to jump right in.

In some ways, the type of gown you have will dictate what sort of style will work best. For example, if your dress is very formal, wearing your hair up in a beautiful up-do is probably better suited. And if your dress is a flowy bohemian style, long curly tresses would be beautifully perfect.

How you wear your hair on your wedding day is a lovely and fun decision that's ultimately up to you and what sort of tone you want to set.

My advice is, gather all your girls together and try out all kinds of styles. Make a party of it and
always remember to have fun. This is your day to be anything you want to be.

Thanks Katie for having me guest post and thank you to her readers for giving me your time.


  1. Oh I love them all...but the first is so utterly chic. I'm in love. Have a fab time in NYC, Katie!

    1. I am like you! It is hard to pick a favorite :) Thank you Elizabeth!

  2. Absolutely pretty! Hmmm, I can't say what shot is best, but I like all them...

  3. I love this hair styles! I wish this will be my hair style on my wedding some day! lol


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