October 5, 2012

Love Song Friday, Volume 73

Friday, you are looking very lovely. It is a weekend of football, the farmers market and baking. I am crossing my fingers for my new book to come in the mail. I love my Kindle but sometimes a book with actual pages to turn is so nice. Any fun plans for your weekend?

{This week}
Monday: Navy and Pink Mountainside Wedding <- Which got A LOT of views! Thank you!
Tuesday: Simple and Musical Outdoor Engagement Session
Wednesday: October Goals
Thursday: Q & A: Gift Giving the Correct Way

Oh relationships. They can be hard and difficult and challenging but song's like Jason Castro's Let's Just Fall in Love Again make you remember the good in those relationships. This song warms my heart a bit. Happy Friday sweets!

Let's Just Fall In Love Again (Acoustic) by Jason Castro on Grooveshark

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