September 11, 2012

Welcome to the Wedding Closet Video Y'all

The time has come. I am so happy to introduce the first ever Welcome to the Wedding Closet Series. Remember this post here? Cris and I were determined to find an outfit in each of our closets that didn't cost us a dime and that was wedding appropriate. Guess what? We succeed. We know what it is like to have to spend money on being a wedding guest. The bill can quickly add up. It is nice to have a girlfriend come pull together a fun outfit out of what you already own.

Notes about this video:

1. We have fun but what else did you expect?

2. It is a tad long but worth it.

3. We will do better next time on how much we talk. We like to talk.

4. Of course there are bloopers. Silly.

5. I throw in a couple of cheerleading poses. Yeah, it never left me guys. I was a Wildcat so raise your paw. Also that prior sentence is really strange to you if you weren't a Wildcat. Apologies.

6. Cris may or may not have flipped off the camera.

7. I shout booty at the end. I really don't know why.

Without further ado here is what you have been waiting for:

Wedding Closet Series from Lovebird Productions on Vimeo.

Blooper Time (i.e. the more fun and less lengthy version of the video):

Wedding Closet Series Bloopers from Lovebird Productions on Vimeo.


  1. Wait. I don't remember flipping off the camera... No really. I totally don't remember that.

  2. This is fab ladies, what a great concept for a series. It can get stupidly expensive buying a new outfit for each wedding and as you prove there's no need! When I have a bit more time, I'll watch the full video but just had a quick glimpse and watched the bloopers ~ so funny! You make a great duo :)

    1. Thank you for watching Elizabeth! We seriously had the best time. :)


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