September 19, 2012

Jessica and Doug's Wedding Highlight

It has been a while since I have shown you any work that I have done with summer weddings. I can say that I am 100% involved in all Texas weddings. Each one has been so different but every couple is just as nice as the next. I really am lucky with the brides that I have met and developed friendships with.

Jessica is no exception. From the first time we had our coffee sit down she was so kind. She asked the right questions and was so prepared for our time together. That is so refreshing! I actually got to be a part of both the rehearsal and the wedding. When I went to drop off some completed DVDs with Jessica's parents, they invited me, hugged my neck and treated me like family. I am truly blessed to have been a part of this special couples wedding weekend. Now maximizes this video, turn up the speakers and enjoy Douglas and Jessica.

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