July 9, 2012

Wedding Weekend Recap

Happy Monday loves! I hope that your weekend was a successful one. I am so glad to be back and blogging. I am currently blogging from my pretty office. By pretty, I mean an office that is very tan, messy, chaotic but 100% my creative space. I cannot wait to work on this room. Of course, I will keep you updated.

P.S. This wedding picture above is just a peek of a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous NB wedding. Sigh for Texas. You want to click on that link above.

I figured since I had a wedding last night that I would do my normal recap. Coming up later this week on the blog are pretty pictures and less talking. I just haven't talked in a while y'all. Most recaps like this one here, here, here and here cover a few random things that I loved about the wedding. I am sticking with that theme today.

1. A Sunday wedding is just as fun as one on Saturday. When Candace first approached me about filming her wedding she mentioned that she was planning her big day for a Sunday. When I asked why it all started to make sense. She was in love with a venue and this venue was a tad pricey. She opted to stay within budget by getting married on Sunday for a lot, lot less. The thing I realized is that your friends and family who mean the most will be there no matter what day it is.

2. I have the best brides. But Katie, you say that every time you do one of these recaps. So what? It is true. I have been beyond fortunate. It just goes to show that if you follow your heart and do what you love, you are blessed. Thank you brides.

3. I love a bride who knows what she wants. Candace wasn't afraid to speak up on her wedding day. I cannot express how refreshing that is.

4. Texas summer outdoor weddings are ridiculously hot. Only complaint. It was very warm.

5. I could film receptions full of dancing all night. They never get old. Hearing the cupid shuffle 30 times may bore some people but it makes me happy. Dancing makes for really good video.

I cannot wait to share all the fun weddings and engagement session this week. Thanks for stopping by friend. It means a whole bunch!

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  1. I think you really enjoyed the wedding.
    The faces on the picture reveals how happy the wedding was! :D


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