July 11, 2012

Wedding Dress Wednesday

I am beyond grateful for this day. I get to see one of my best friend today. Meet Summer. She is fabulous! The next 2.5 days are going to be spent floating the river, eating good food, laughing and sticking our husbands in a room together while we goof off. I wonder how our husbands feel about that last one?

I also am grateful for this day because of wedding dresses. Duh? Ann Taylor has always been a favorite store of mine. I love this store because I have lady hips (correct/creepy term?) I love their clothes, their fit and their prices (mostly the sale rack). I was browsing their site and came across their wedding dresses. These gowns have come a long way. I don't remember their dresses being so fabulous! Ann Taylor, you have done it again. Eye candy time...

And I thought we would end with this dress because it screams let's have a good time!

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