June 27, 2012

Wedding Dress Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Pretty dresses, a short work day and a protein smoothie are keeping me moving today. Ladies (and maybe one gent), I am tired. There are lots of exciting things going on for the Farrin's. Will I update you on those things? Well, duh! I will be traveling the remainder of the week of but I promise to be here posting as well. Want to keep up with my trip in Arkansas? Follow me on Instagram: katiefarrin. I promise, I am fun.

Amy Kuschel is a gal after my own heart. After graduating from design school and landing a fabulous job, she met an even better man. After searching for her perfect wedding gown, she came up empty handed. She was on a budget but had excellent taste. Ultimately she created her own dress and a few years later started her own business. Who doesn't love a success story like that? I am even more thrilled to share a few of her pretty, pretty creations. I saved the best for last! Happy Wednesday lovelies!

{My favorite: Viva}

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