June 16, 2015

Things My Husband Says // Volume 2

Things My Husband Says // Volume 2 // katiefarrin.com

You must know that when we go to work on a project around the house or clean up we turn on music. It is our thing. This little fact will also show the differences in our personalities. Rusty turns on rap music while I strike up the record player with a little Frank Sinatra. It is one thing that just makes us work.

Rusty then dances. Maybe I should capture that for my next post about the things R says alas does. 99% of the time Rusty is my entertainment. He is comical and then I race to my phone to jot down the funny thing he says or does. And then you get a blog post. See how the world works? And if you want to read volume 1 I am so kindly linking it.

Now take it away R...

R: Did you see that lone flower in our yard?
K: I sure did. It means Spring is coming.
R: Yeah.
K: I even stopped to take a picture of it.
R: Gram it yet? (Referring to Instagram)

K: Honey, how has your morning been?
R: Good. Glances out window. If I had a lawn mower I would mow our yard. Then just walks out of room.

K: Did you get that bug out of the window seal?
R: Yes.
K: Did you eat it?
R: That question is just ridiculous.
Few minutes go by. 
R: Hey did you grab your shoes out of the kitchen?
K: Yes.
R: Did you eat them? Laughs. See how dumb that questions was?

R: Help me move the couch cushion. A grape fell down there.
K: Eye roll.
R: I did it. I totally did it. I ate the grape.
K: Great dear.
R: Katie it was a couch cushion grape. Come one.

When singing I hope You Dance 
R: And when you get the choice to spit it out or dance, I hope you dance.

R is snaking the sink drain in our bathroom.
R: Gagging noise. Lots of Gagging noises. Shouting. How do you have any hair in your head?
K: Think of how this is bringing us closer together.
R: yeah yeah.

And to really top off this post, R got a sunburn on our trip. I wanted to snap a few photos of Skip and R. He put Skip on top of his shoulders which is a normal mode of transportation for these two. R didn't take into account his sunburn thus these pictures. I am such a good wife for capturing these and laughing about it. A really darn good wife.

Things My Husband Says // Volume 2 // katiefarrin.com

Things My Husband Says // Volume 2 // katiefarrin.com

Things My Husband Says // Volume 2 // katiefarrin.com

Things My Husband Says // Volume 2 // katiefarrin.com


  1. Okay I loved this! haha I feel like I should start keeping one for my husband. We always write down what kids say but come on, husbands are comedic gold right?! haha

  2. hahah seriously husbands say the best stuff. like my life is so much funnier with my husband and his comments :) and my husband finds my hair everywhere and is always like How do you still even have hair?!!? hahah good ol husbands!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants


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